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Are you looking for a digital marketer that specializes within the cannabis/marijuana space? Welcome to the right place. My name is Demonica, and I want to help you bring your ideas to life. My marketing style uses my web development training, graphic designs and SEO tactics to effectively market your business/designs through analytics to and make informed decisions. The skills I have developed as a computer science student bridge the gap between design and technology. What I seek are freelance opportunities and a potential long term position for a large scale cannabis brand. I specialize in cannabis e-commerce design, and my designs range from whimsical to modern & contemporary because I adapt to the brand I am designing for. I am a certified professional in CA METRC, Google Analytics and Google Marketing who is studying to become a Computer Scientist. I have experience managing both Leafly and Weedmaps databases.

Demonica's Designs Work

web developer and designer demonica
MCEC Cannabis Delivery Service website refresh
web developer and designer demonica
Marketing Design: An informational brochure for MCEC
Graphic Design: Custom web & print graphic

Cannabis brands I've Worked With

Whether you’ve heard of  me or not, if your a heavy hitter in the cannabis/marijuana industry, I have worked with your brand. Through over 5 years of experience working with cannabis dispensaries,  I have either edited or created designs for popular cannabis/marijuana brands to help promote sales. Featured below are just some of the brands I have worked with.

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