Marketing to advertise?

Featured below is your future Marketing possibility. You can see the graphic created here in action on this BLOG.

My graphic was created for a blog on a large e-commerce B2C website in support of black lives matter.
2K photo
Day one, by the end of the day, my graphic had over 2K views.
Within a week, my graphic was seen over 15K times!

Improve your search rankings?

Check out how I can help and start climbing the search rankings. Below is how I helped a business go from no rank to 1st place.

Lack of Searches Graphic
This website has over 2.K users and was NOT ranking on Google before my work began.
After my SEO work began, the ranking climbed to 5th place.
SEO is a constant flow, but ultimately I was able to get this website to 1st place.

Organic SEO Traffic?​

What can I can do is increase your amount of web traffic? Here I was able to help this business increase their organic traffic by 6%.

Marketing for Google
In the span of 3 months I was able to gain an increase of 6% to the organic traffic. When this project was started the organic traffic was roughly 19% of total users for Google.
Google Analytics
Towards the middle of the project, the percentage jumped from 19% to 22% of total organic traffic for users of Google.
Marketing for Google
Currently my SEO for organic searches is still on the rise. The percentage jumped from 22% to 25% of total organic traffic users or Google. alone

Certified by Google

I am certified in: Beginner & Advanced Google Analytics. Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Demonica the web developer